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Velma & Louise is a one-woman studio in Upstate New York offering a unique combination of wild & refined driftwood & lettering.

Driftwood has an undeniable appeal in its being of the natural world, being one-of-a-kind, being broken-down but beautiful, showing its journey, and not least of all, being a sustainable material to gather and work with.

Taking a piece of driftwood from the natural world, which has a history of it’s own, and working on it, customizing it for someone with a newborn’s name, or a couples wedding date, for them to incorporate into their lives, is a magical process. On the one hand it’s a small and simple token, but on the other, it’s a unique creative act, with reverence to it.


An object which was made with hours of someone’s skilled attention and then carried through someone’s life, is incredibly special. I aim for my work to have this kind of simple elegance from its honesty and care.

Take a look around for more of the story, check the Etsy shop, the Society6 shop, follow on Instagram, and you are always welcome to write in with an inquiry for custom work. I love working with you to design one-of-a-kind pieces for your special event or space.

Cheers, Caitlin